Claudia Moreno


Joining CrossFit Hidden Valley has been the BEST decision I have ever made for my physical and mental health! I joined just wanting to get back in shape and got so much more out of it. I am stronger, fitter, confident, healthier, learned good eating habits and not only that but I lost 15lbs and am 3 sizes smaller.

Hidden Valley is much more than just a GYM it’s a family. Just when you think you have pushed your body and mind to its limit there is always a coach or HV family member to give you that extra push and confidence to finish strong.

The coaches at HV are the best! They make working out fun but not easy lol. I can’t thank Steven, Ivet, and Katy enough for all they have done for me not only have they taught me form and skills but they have been there for me mentally and emotionally as well. They are all easy to talk to and always willing to help you in anything, they always ask how we are doing, what we need, how we are felling, how our day was, what we had for breakfast and lunch and what we are having for dinner, did we drink enough water, were you got your shoes at and are they comfortable hahaha I personally love that they ask us all the time because they are getting to know us to be able to help us. What GYM does that? (Crossfit Hidden Valley does!).

“The community is what differentiates crossfit” —WODNUT