Our Services


CrossFit classes are designed for anyone and everyone. The CrossFit classes will integrate Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Metabolic Conditioning, and Mobility. The classes are constantly varied and our programming is designed to be scalable for all types of athletes. The program will help you reach each and every one of your fitness goals. 

Olympic weightlifting

In this class we focus on the proper technique for the three Olympic lifts (The Clean, The Jerk and the Snatch). This class will consist of skill development in Olympic lifting, strength building exercises and auxiliary lifts. All of which are designed to improve Strength, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and prevent injury. These lifts are paramount in increasing both speed and power. Olympic Weightlifting has become a very important part of the CrossFit community. This class is a great supplement to CrossFit and will result in tremendous improvements in your CrossFit performance and overall fitness. 

Open Gym

At CFHV we want you to have freedom in the gym to get everything you need. Whether that’s accessory work, mobility, skill training or making up some strength work. It’s important to us that you have the space for all of your fitness needs in and out of class. Open gym is available to all members, and we want to ensure a great experience for everyone. 

Private Training

CFHV offers private training in one-on-one sessions or group sessions. These sessions are ideal for all levels, and are tailored to address your personal needs and fitness goals. Whether that’s weight loss, muscle gain or appearance/esthetic goals. 

Nutrition Coaching

Our CFHV Nutrition Program is designed to provide you with an easy approach to nutrition and wellness. We use simple behavior modification strategies to create positive changes without the stress of “dieting.” The internet is filled with fad diet plans, and there are many programs out there telling you what NOT to eat. But what if we could obtain this confidence through learning what TO eat using whole foods with limited ingredients? Behold, a teaching program to build life-long skills one step at a time. Sign up for a Free Nutrition Consultation to see how our program could help you!